Music For Autism

We provide specialised Autism aware music classes/therapy children with developmental disabilities.


Specialised Facilities

  • Two separate rooms free of distractions for students anywhere on the spectrum.
  • Sound proofed inside and out to accommodate any hearing sensitivity.
  • Tailored programs.

Qualified Teachers

  • Teachers hold a bachelor of music and are certified by Amaze (Autism Victoria) to Support individuals with autism spectrum disorder and associated communication disabilities.

Therapeutic Benifits

  • Music stimulates brain activity and can be calming.
  • Assist in the development of Communication.
  • Attention to person.
  • Attention to task.
  • Social connection.
  • Confidence and possible music talent.

We Also Teach at Schools

You can find us at Broadmeadows Special Development School during school hours.

If you go to this school or are interested in this service for your school, please contact the school director Jenaye

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