Parents did you know that 90% of students DON’T practice on the summer school holiday break? And not just at our school EVERYWHERE. So If you didn’t see them do much practice on the holidays you’re not alone!
On the holidays they spend our time having fun and get out of sync of their normal routine. It’s common for the whole family to take a break. As a music teacher I think breaks are important, but during that time you might find your child is now de-motivated, and doesn’t really feel like starting lessons again.

Most of the time they are still interested, but they don’t really feel like going back into a regular routine or they are worried about how much trouble they are going to get into when they get back to class.

No worries! A few lessons in will remedy those feelings. They will come back to class and remember that it’s not just about learning, but the overall experience, and their relationship with their music and their teacher.

So if you are trying to find ways to inspire your little musician and get excited about upcoming classes in the new year here are some helpful tips:

Their teacher is NOT going to get angry at them!! I’m the last person to yell at ANY of my students and yet they come into class year after year and sheepishly admit that they haven’t done anything over the holidays. They expect to be reprimanded! AHHHH NO! I’ll tell you a secret? Us teachers haven’t been doing much practice either. So there you go! Enjoy your break because we did!

If you are going to practice on the holidays it should be fun! You can still work on pieces that the teacher has given, but in my opinion during a break I much rather work on writing a new song or working out how to play a song from ear. Or better yet try to learn a theme song to my favorite tv show.

Starting listening to lots of music around the house. There is nothing like getting inspired by listening to great music, and if you do find something you really like, PLAY IT! Who cares if you can only play the first line or one cord. At least you gave it a try and when you do get to class AH HA! All the sudden you have a new song to start with your teacher on day one.

Last but not least. Ease into it. The holiday break is not long enough to undo your hard work, but if you are feeling a bit rusty you can brush up on the basics. My piano students find it hard to remember all of the music notes when they get back. A few lessons will remedy that, but using some flash cards and having a few 10 minutes sessions the week leading up to classes can also do wonders.

So I recommend going and getting an app called Tenuto for reading notes. If you are not tech savvy, or don’t have the technology, then you can use good old paper.

I have made some wonderful flashcards for you to download, print out, and use at home whenever you like.

Treble Clef Flash Cards

Bass Clef Flash Cards

And when music lessons have started back up again remember we do it because we like it not because it’s a chore. Yes learning music is hard work, but the fulfillment and enjoyment that comes from it should be the primary focus.

So we have already started lessons for the year. I look forward to what this year has to offer.

All the best  Jenaye Gleeson – Replay Music Academy